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CANopen service and diagnostics tool

CANopen Device Manager

The IXXAT CANopen Device Manager is a versatile and upgradeable tool aimed at device test, diagnostics, and field service tasks. Built around a central component that manages the CANopen services while serving as the primary entry point for network definition, the CANopen Device Manager covers functionality like NMT node and error control, SDO client (including block transfer with CRC), PDO producer and consumer, SYNC and time stamp producer. It also offers concise DCF download and firmware download according to CiA 302, LSS master according to CiA 305, and, as an optional add-on, a Python-based scripting engine that allows the development of powerful test applications.

Read more about the CANopen Device Manager on the IXXAT Webpage.

Online analysis, stimulation and data interpretation

canAnalyser with CANopen Module

The canAnalyser is a powerful and versatile tool for the development, testing and service of CAN/CANopen-based networks.

CANopen Module for IXXAT canAnalyser The basic version of the canAnalyser covers many scenarios, such as online monitoring of bus traffic, transmission of singular or cyclical messages and whole message sequences, as well as recording of CAN-messages dependent on many trigger conditions which can be set. Further functions enable the statistical evaluation of the message traffic, the registration and representation of the bus load and the graphic representation of message contents over a time axis.

Extended functions are provided via supplementary modules, like the CANopen module for the protocol-specific representation of messages in CANopen-based systems.
The Scripting Host combines the advantages of a graphical user interface with the flexibility of scripts. By using the Scripting Host, the canAnalyser can be adapted quickly and easily to specific measuring and analysis tasks. This allows the user to simulate devices and protocols or to test existing devices in the simulated restbus, and also to put them into operation. Specific test environments can be created easily using any Windows interface components. The Scripting Host supports the standard script languages C# and Visual Basic .NET. The incorporation of DLLs also enables the integration of further modules.

Read more about the canAnalyser on the IXXAT Webpage.


CAN modules and boards

HMS offers a wide range of CANopen boards, serving a wide range of common PC interfaces for all kinds of application requirements such as:

At the moment interfaces are offered for:
  • PCI, PCIe, PCIe Mini, PCIe 104
  • PC/104, ISA
  • Ethernet
  • USB
  • Bluetooth
Read more about the CAN interfaces on the IXXAT Webpage.