Device and application profiles

CiA device profiles specify the CANopen interface of a specific class of devices. Most often implemented is the CiA 401 profile for modular I/O devices. Another profile is CiA 402 specifying the application behavior of frequency inverters as well as servo and stepper motor controllers. It is internationally standardized in the IEC 61800-7 series. These device profiles specify the process data, configuration parameters, and the diagnostic information as well as PDOs.

CiA device profiles

Number Name
CiA 401* Profile for I/O devices
CiA 402 * Profile for drives and motion control
CiA 404* Profile for measuring devices and closed-loop controllers
CiA 406 Profile for encoders
CiA 408 Profile for fluid power technology proportional valves and hydrostatic transmissions
CiA 410 Profile for inclinometer
CiA 412* Profiles for medical devices
CiA 413* Profile for truck gateways
CiA 414* Profile for weaving machines
CiA 418 Profile for battery modules
CiA 419 Profile for battery chargers
CiA 442 Profile for IEC 61915-2 compatible motor starters
CiA 444* Profile for spreaders
CiA 445 Profile for RFID devices
CiA 446 Profile for AS-interface gateways
CiA 450 Profile for pumps
CiA 452 Profile for PLCopen motion control
CiA 453 Profile for power supply
CiA 456 Profile for configurable network components
CiA 457 Profile for wireless transmission media based devices
CiA 458 Profile for energy measurements
CiA 459* Profile for on-board weighing devices
CiA 460 Profile for service robot controller
CiA 461* Profile for weighing devices
CiA 462 Profile for item detection devices

* Multi-part specification

CiA application profiles specify the entire network. A typical example is the CiA 417 application profile for lift/elevator control systems. It describes all functions as virtual devices. It is possible to implement multiple virtual devices in a single CANopen device. But a virtual device cannot be distributed to several CANopen devices. In some cases, a set of device profiles achieves the same as an application profile. A typical example is the CiA 420 set of profiles for extruder down-stream devices. Application profiles provide an off-the-shelf plug-and-play functionality for the default behavior. Options need to be configured as in he device profile approach.

CiA application profiles

Number Name
CiA 415 Profile for sensor systems in road construction and earth moving machines
CiA 416* Profile for building door control
CiA 417* Profile for lift control systems
CiA 420* Profile for extruder downstream devices
CiA 421* Profile for train control networks
CiA 422* Profile for municipal vehicles
CiA 423* Profiles for rail vehicle power drive systems
CiA 424* Profile for rail vehicle door control systems
CiA 425* Profile for medical diagnostic add-on modules (e.g. injector)
CiA 426* Profile for rail vehicle exterior lighting control
CiA 430* Profile for rail vehicle auxiliary operating systems
CiA 433* Profile for rail vehicle interior lighting control
CiA 434* Profile for laboratory automation systems
CiA 436-1 Profile for construction machines
CiA 437* Profile for grid-based photovoltaic systems
CiA 443 Profile for SIIS level-2 (subsea) devices
CiA 447* Profile for special-purpose car add-on devices
CiA 454* Profile for energy management systems
CiA 455 Profile for drilling machines

* Multi-part specification